Sanaz P.
Queens , NY

Mitch quoted me 8 hours over the phone with three men. I told him about how large my place was (3 bedroom), that I  had a grand piano, lived in a two story in Trenton and I was moving to Queens on the 7th floor(the rent was going up). I was not looking for cheap, we’re talking about a family heirloom my mom would kill me if something happened to the piano. Needless to say, I was looking for quality not cheap. A buddy of mine had used them before and I didn’t want to take any chances I also bought the insurance for the move.

I did get a few other grand piano quotes but I went with Traditional Express because they recommended three men to get the job done, which I appreciate – I’d rather be safe than sorry. The team was early at 7:30am(call time was 8:00am) and I wasn’t at home, I had run to the store and they waited for me as I rushed back to open the door. All and all it was a long day but these men got it done and I was able to sleep well that evening.