Short Term Storage in New Jesrey

Traditional Express accommodates a range of our customers’ storage needs, including SIT (storage-in-transit)

Waiting on the house closing? Date of move-in is not set? Any personal delays?
Feel free to take advantage of our moving company’s storage options.

Every move across the state lines with Traditional is eligible for up to 60 days of free storage* in one of our secure facilities – compare with standard 30 days at any licensed insured moving company. We don’t charge any re-handling fees, e.g. loading/unloading of items at the storage.

*for longer options, see LONG-TERM STORAGE

  • Custom-built storage modules/palettes for safety and security
  • Containerized storage (Individual storage modules)
  • 24-hour security with controlled access
  • Specialist storage services available upon request e.g. vehicles
  • Boxing/packing/crating of high-value items
  • Lower Cost Per Cubic Foot

    Lower than most commercial real estate and month-to-month storage rentals.

  • Storage Space Security

    24/7 surveillance equipment for improved security.

  • Boxes & Moving Supplies

    Easy and convenient access to any packing materials for your business needs.

  • Convenient Access

    Working hours typically go beyond traditional 9-5 business hours for your convenience (be sure to give us a notice prior to your visit).