When a military family moves or relocates, the logistics involved are slightly different when compared to an ordinary family. You would therefore find that you need movers who understand these dynamics, so that the move can be conducted smoothly and efficiently. Traditional Express Van Lines is a company that has provided top notch moving solutions for military individuals and families. Whether you are relocating permanently or temporarily, our military movers will be there to make the task less stressful.Are you wondering how you can make your next move as smooth as possible? The secret is to plan everything well in advance so that on the moving day everything is well organized.



At such a time, the moving personnel will be able to accommodate your moving preferences and give you the best services at zero pressure with regards to time.

When should I move?

If you can choose the time of your move, then schedule it at a time when there is little demand for vans and moving personnel. This would be somewhere in the middle of the month, far from the holidays and definitely not in summer.

Our company uses a dispatching system that is centrally generated at United, scheduling pickups and drop-offs according to shipment destinations and their weight.

How long will my move take?

This is solely dependent on the distance that your shipment will travel. There are other determining factors like the weather conditions on the way, the time it takes to load and unload and even the size of the shipment itself. It goes without saying that if these factors are to the minimum, the time taken to move will be directly proportional to that.

How do you estimate my moving costs?

Plan your move with us to day and save!

Your basic charges are purely based on the weight of the shipment and the distance of travel. Additional costs are incurred when you make special requests. There is also a Full Protection Value charge that is based on the current government/military rates.

We provide a discount to our service men and woman.  We also suggest scheduling your move the earlier the possible.  Much like plane tickets based on availability so the sooner you book with us the more you save

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